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Samantha's New Family Drama Is A Pot Of Gold!

Oh Baby comes off as a delightful feel good film that will put a smile on your face. Two talented women have got together to make something special, and the end result is surely satisfying.(more)

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Oh Baby is a film with a lot of heart and emotion, driven by a fantastic Samantha. Go for it!

The film isn't devoid of flaws. For most of its duration, it banks on its premise to earn the audience's applause. The film takes its own time to move beyond the premise and start exploring it. Few humourous sequences, though funny, looks out of place. There is a certain reality show sequence that falls into the cliched tropes that we've seen in a lot of films. One of the bandmates is late for the finals, and on the way... You know what happens.(more)

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When life gives her a second chance

Oh! Baby is a fun ode to the complexities that make up our elders. It's an acknowledgement of their rough rides as much as it is about learning to count your blessings. Take your grandparents and parents along for the film.(more)



Samantha delivers a career-best performance in Nandini Reddy's heart-warming drama

Oh! Baby is a treasure box. Open it, dig into it, and cherish everything that it has to offer you. There's a lot more to this film than just laughs. It's like sunshine on a gloomy day. It's a heart-warming film that you won't forget anytime soon.(more)

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Samantha Nails It

"Oh Baby" is a highly enjoyable watch for Samantha's exceptional acting. This film proves that she is in the best phase of her career and enjoying her roles. This sentimental-family drama completely belongs to Samantha but both Lakshmi and Rajendra Prasad have also added their strength with great performances.(more)

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Nandini Reddy has successfully adapted Korean classic Miss Granny, and has made it her own, and Tollywood is richer for it.

Save for moments in the latter part of the film which are a tad bit melodramatic, Oh! Baby is an enjoyable ride. It's a film that has its heart in the right place and has a lot of great moments to take away from. (more)

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Samantha is outstanding in a heartwarming fantasy drama

Oh! Baby is a film that needs to be appreciated for a lot of reasons. Be it the almost all-woman crew, the emotions it deals with or the way that it teaches us about life, Oh! Baby has its heart in the right place. More importantly, the film makes you look at elders with more respect than you already do(more)

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Watchable for Samantha's energetic performance

Official remake of Korean drama Miss Granny, Samantha starrer Oh Baby is watchable for Samantha's energetic performance. Schmaltzy ending and flabby runtime almost kill the film but it finally works to an extent thanks to Samantha. This is for those who like candy-floss sentiment dramas.(more)

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It's Mostly Harmless Fun, But It Isn't Refined Enough To Be More Than That

Oh Baby has its highs. As long as the film stays on the 13 Going On 30 plot point, it is highly entertaining´┐ŻBaby talking about her robust digestive system to Chanti is hilarious. Even when it transforms into a love story between Baby and Chanti, it feels heartwarming. (more)

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Emotionally Entertaining

Oh Baby is a heartwarming family drama which touches your heart completely. Beautiful emotions, good comedy, family values and romance, this film has it all. The film has a good connectivity factor which everyone can relate to easily. Samantha has upped her game to another level with this film and she will surely pull the crowds to the theaters with her career-best performance. Telugu cinema is truly churning out the best content oriented films in recent times and Oh Baby is one such film which should not be missed.(more)

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