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A promising storyline, letdown by a disproportionate mix of multiple genres !

Vaibhav's Taana has the ingredients for a sumptuous meal, but falls short due to inconsistency!(more)

Source: Akash, MovieCrow


An interesting story letdown by execution, mediocrity and lack of detailing.

Even the execution part is a big letdown. Having said that, Hareesh did try his best to prove his worth, scene after scene. Amidst some tepid acting by the supporting cast, Hareesh is a saviour. Actors like Pandiarajan, serve the purpose with nothing much to complain.(more)

Source: Galatta Review Panel, galatta.com


A tedious outing filled with cliche's

A horror angle and an investigation track in the latter half are better than the tiring former half. Apart from the decent technical side, what keeps the audience hooked to an extent is Vaibhav's performance and some of the one-liners of Yogi Babu.(more)

Source: Thinkal Menon, Times Of India


This Vaibhav-starrer is a dull and messy affair

If someone were to write a book on the merits of the current Government, it would look as directionless as Taana's screenplay. Of course, I understand that these events are tied together while being mounted on the backdrop of Taanakaran. The resultant mixture, however, is a mess.(more)

Source: Srivatsan , The Hindu



To conclude, Go check it out but dump your expectations at the entry of the theatre.(more)

Source: Moviebuzz, Sify.com


This Vaibhav Reddy-Starrer Is A Confused Mishmash Of Genres

An exhausting mix of various ideas that don�t work individually or as a whole. But, the film is mildly diverting once you get past its randomness.(more)

Source: ASHUTOSH MOHAN, Filmcompanion.in


A Wonderful Opportunity Wasted Entirely

A wonderful opportunity wasted, that's Taana is for you.(more)

Source: APARAJITHA BALU , Silverscreen.in

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4 “Acham Pisasu Da” Thanikodi Velu Listen