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A Tender Tale About Self-Love

Ashraf Hamza's 'Thamasha' is a tender-sweet tale of self-love and sublime emotions where the actor in Vinay Forrt is in a supreme form!(more)

Source: Suhansid Srikanth, MovieCrow


Thamaasha deserves your time without a doubt.

Thamaasha's story isn't something one hasn't heard before - you might have seen or heard very similar stories a thousand times in real life, short films or even in movies. (more)

Source: Deepa Soman, Times Of India


A rib-tickling romance

Thamasha has some scenic frames that enhance the mood of the characters and the movie as a whole. Although all three women have done a good job, Chinnu Chandini steals the show, perhaps because she enters at a very crucial point in the movie, a time when viewers yearn for such a move. Actually, besides Sreeni, it is Chinnu, the strong, smart and kind woman, who stays in our hearts while leaving the theatre. In short, Thamasha is a good stress buster!(more)

Source: ELIZABETH THOMAS, Deccan Chronicle


This One Will Leave A Positive Smile On Your Face!

Thamasha is a lovely entertainer which deals with a highly valid topic beautifully. This Vinay Forrt starrer will leave a positive smile on your face..!!(more)

Source: Akhila Menon, One India