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Article 15
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Fundamental Rights Explained In A Simple Yet Hard Hitting Way

Article 15 is an important film that highlights an essential and fundamental subject and is a good follow up film to Mulk by Anubhav Sinha. It stops short of being a great film, nevertheless the output is definitely well worth the visit to the cinemas this weekend.(more)

Source: Sethumadhavan, MovieCrow


Ayushmann Khurrana film makes you uncomfortable

Article 15 might be rough around the edges and might have its fair share of flaws with regard to storytelling, but it is indeed a film to be watched. It's a start. It cannot change society but it at least can initiate a conversation and debate that examines the horrors that lurk in this very societ...(more)

Source: Lakshana N Palat, India Today


Ayushmann Khurrana's Film is Important, Powerful and Superbly Made

Article 15 isn't just an important film, it's a powerful one and it's superbly made. It comes at you all kicking and screaming, but this is a film that justifies its tone. Don't miss it. I'm going with four out of five. It'll rattle your core.(more)

Source: Rajeev masand, News18


Making the invisible visible

To make films which topline these subjects is a way of getting us to talk, and, in an ideal world, start some kind of a push-back against injustice and oppression, things we have dangerously begun taking for granted. Article 15 may have an unsatisfactory element or two, but as a film, it rushes in t...(more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express


Entertaining social drama

What Anubhav Sinha must accept is that he intuitively knows what this easily satiated audience, with its simplistic definitions, does not know: That Freedom is not a Protest Rap. Freedom is a Sad Ballad.(more)

Source: SREEHARI NAIR, Rediff.com


Ayushmann Khurrana hunts for inconvenient truths in an essential film

Article 15 is not a film in search of easy answers. It is instead a reminder that we already know the questions, but don't ask them enough. Not cool, sir.(more)

Source: Raja Sen., Hindustan Times


Wild, wild heartland

Article 15 might be Ayan's film but it's Nishad's tale that needs to be told urgently now as an accompanying piece. Days after watching the film the lasting image is that of Ayyub as Nishad, twirling his moustache like Chandra Shekhar Azad, saying "hum akhiri thode na hain". He is not the last one t...(more)

Source: Namrata Joshi, The Hindu


Ayushmann Khurrana's Bitter Pill With Just A Hint Of Sugar Coating

Sinha draws many of its plot elements from newspaper headlines of recent years, the principal one related to the 2014 Badaun gangrape and killing of two girls and the 2016 Una flogging of Dalit men and employs them methodically to probe caste and gender fissures and fault lines. It remains true to t...(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee , NDTV Movies

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