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An interesting family thriller

Anveshanam is definitely an edge-of-the-seat film, which can make anyone, especially parents, think twice before anything they do, once out of the movie hall.(more)

Source: Deepa Soman, Times Of India


thriller that includes a probe engaging in good performances

There are a few family elements and emotional scenes coming up in the second half. The film gives a climax that defies audience expectations, but the climax punch could have been thrilling with a few more. The film also proposes a family message.(more)

Source: Behindwoods Review Board, Behindwoods.com


Anweshanam Review

Anweshanam is certainly a watchable thriller. It is just that when you look at the way it began with the feel of a very gripping grey thriller, the end you get to see in the movie feels a bit on the safe side. Barring this forgivable jitter, I would say Anweshanam is that thriller you won't regret w...(more)

Source: ASWIN BHARADWAJ S, Lenmenreviews


A Clumsily Set Up Drama Partly Redeemed By Jayasurya's Performance

Anveshanam is an interesting attempt at looking at the different layers of grief one passes through when a dear one passes away. The sadness, anger, and disbelief, everything that culminates in a point where returning to senses and life becomes the only option.(more)

Source: Aswathy, Silverscreen.in


A well-shot procedural that fizzles out

Anveshanam is a well-staged, engaging film that didn't bore me even for a single second (the 100-min duration was a smart idea). But, I expected more.(more)

Source: Sajin, CinemaExpress.com

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