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While there are parts of the movie that will leave you baffled and curious for more details, it�s not to say that the film doesn't entirely entertain. Here's a unique story at hand, an interesting team of actors, a refreshing soundtrack and some fine performances. If you're keen to watch a hatke musical love story, this could be your pick of the week.(more)

Source: Hiren Kotwani, Times Of India


There is a difference between complexity and contrivances. Atrangi Re confuses the two and piles twist upon twist to sustain its bizarre plotline.

Dhanush and Akshay are veterans who might easily recover from an off day. The one who has a lot more to lose than they do from making such poor choices is Sara. The young actor was an enjoyable bundle of verve in Kedarnath, which marked her debut, but has been floundering ever since. Those who loved her turn as the impossible-to-be-fettered Mandakini Mishra in that film can only hope she finds better advisers right away.(more)

Source: Anna MM,


This was meant to be a meaningful magical mystery tour, but ends up as a misfire

Films dealing with mental health issues need to be very careful about how they position and posit their characters: scenes where you casually fling round labels are a huge problem, as is the propensity to keep slinging 'corrective' pills into peoples' mouths (this strand is played strictly for laughs). I think psychiatrists should sue Bollywood for the sweeping ignoramuses they create for 'dimaag ka doctors': that one scene is enough to make you cringe-watch the rest.(more)

Source: shubhra Gupta, Indian Express