Paava Kadhaigal (Netflix)
18/Dec/2020 Comedy, Drama

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Paava Kadhaigal
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Important Topics And Mostly Impactful Execution!

Paava Kadhaigal is a grim reminder of the kind of issues that plague this society. Grimmer than the issues is the fact that the topics handled here aren't something that can be relegated to a section of the society but those that are prevalent amongst the majority of the population.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Netflix Tamil anthology deftly explores why the regular is right and the different is sinful

Paava Kadhaigal might appear to explore concepts of honour, pride, social position etc. When we look closer, we realise that it is a rebuke of family as an entity, as the system that upholds the sins of casteism, classism, sexism, and all other kinds of bigotry, violently.(more)

Source: Ranjani Krishnakumar,


Intense and shockingly realistic film on honour killing

Netflix's anthology film touches upon a number of taboo subjects such as same gender love, love involving a transgender character, caste politics, rape and inter-caste marriage.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


These Gut-Wrenching Stories Of Honour Will Leave You With A Heavy Heart

paava kadhaigal narrates four gut-wrenching stories of honour with absolute sincerity and will leave you with a heavy heart. this netflix anthology is definitely not everyone's cup of tea.(more)

Source: Akhila R Menon, One India


A mixed bag

Watching this, you feel a mix of emotions. On top is the sinking feeling which accompanies violence against women, whether it is tacit or in your face. There's also a kind of weariness. (more)

Source: Shubhra Gupta , Indian Express


A timely anthology on caste pride and honour

Paava Kadhaigal gives us an overview of caste-based, gender-based violence and honour killings. The film doesn�t offer a solution but documents the wrongdoings in the society. If Vignesh Shivan and Gautham Menon�s short films had avoided some problematic takes, Paava Kadhaigal would be a fitting fil...(more)

Source: Janani K, India Today