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Decent Drama That Shines Bright Till Midway!

Had all the potential to be a cracker of a flick if it had retained the same energy and empathy throughout as done till the halfway mark. Yet a fine flick to give a shot for the performances, music and loads of nice moments it offers in the first hour.(more)

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Kavin, Elan's coming-of-age film falls short of excellence

The makers of �Star� promised three surprises in the film. And all the three surprises become our favourite moments in the film. They become proper theatrical comments, which would evoke apllause and screams.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


A well-acted tale about nurturing dreams that keeps you invested

The makers constantly toy with our notion of how the film is going to play out. It�s one of those movies where the pre-interval and the post-interval portions almost act as standalone films. Also, the film doesn�t go overboard with either the success or failure that Kalai faces in his life. There is a realness and quietness even in the moments when something huge happens in his life. This quality of the film invariably leads to Star being lifelike, even when it's exaggerated.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


Kavin is the saving grace of this predictable movie about dreams and passion

So what is really missing in Star is this conviction, and the clarity. What the film is missing is the very stubborn heart that the universe has fallen in love with. You see, when you are stubborn with conviction, you seem to shine, otherwise, you only come off as being bullheaded. Unfortunately, what a lost opportunity because this Kavin really did shine in the film.(more)

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Kavin and Lal shine, but the film only glitters occasionally

This journey that Kalai undergoes is the backbone meant to support the romantic subplots we get with the subsequent entries of Meera Malarkodi (Preity Mukhundhan) and �Jimikki� Surabhi (Aaditi Pohankar). But an unsettling feature in both narratives is how one breaks into the other�s room, locks one in an auditorium, or just shows up at someone�s home, all in the name of �love�. As is the case with most films in the genre, these romantic partners are present only to aid in Kalai�s love-hate affair with acting, but interestingly � and credit to Elan � we also see the women bring that up as a concern as well.(more)



In 'Star', Elan and Kavin and Yuvan put on a show that proves that the mainstream can indeed be a place for good, ambitious 'cinema'.

Star wants to achieve success by also being good cinema, and it isn�t afraid to antagonise the audience a little to get to that goal. As much as Kalai wants to become a star, directors like Elan are trying to make the mainstream a better place, a director�s medium once again. That thought is the high I ended up with.. (more)

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Kavin shines in this pursuit of sappiness

Elan is more interested in making us have those goosebumps. He often manipulates us to tear up; using Yuvan Shankar Raja�s old track at a particular moment is one such attempt. It was one of the well-done sequences in the film where Kalai lives on the streets of Mumbai, and understands what poverty truly means. It was just unfortunate that it didn�t have any great impact on the story or Kalai later. That�s the reason Star only twinkles and fails to shine bright�it�s more about the parts and less about the whole.(more)

Source: Indian Express, Indian Express