Jai Bhim (Amazon Prime)
02/Nov/2021 Social, Drama 164 Mins

Jai Bhim

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A Fine Balance Between Disturbing Reality And Mainstream Filmmaking!

With a runtime of close to 165 minutes, Jai Bhim never loses steam. Playing out as a courtroom drama with an investigative angle, the film ensures that it remains interesting right through. The screenplay is nicely done and crucial events are revealed gradually. The film never shies away from taking a stand. Nor does it shy away from making references to actual events. This is a bold mainstream film and isn�t looking to appease everyone with its politics.(more)

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Suriya's most powerful drama yet

Suriya inhabits the role of a firebrand advocate with ease. It is as if he's not just performing the lines written by the director, but believes in every word and gesture he delivers in this film.(more)

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Suriya is earnest and the film is honest. Yet, there are trade-offs

Jai Bhim turns into a courtroom drama when Rajakannu, along with three others, is forcefully taken into custody. Despite its run-time, there is not a single scene that looks dull, and there is something constantly happening. Even the courtroom scenes, which may suffer from familiarity in another film, brim with an undying spirit. Suriya plays a social activist-cum-lawyer Chandru, based on the real-life person. There is simmering anger in Suriya's eyes that is even throughout. But the anger doesn't reduce Suriya to a rabble rouser; it shows dignity too.(more)

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Jai Bhim is yet another feather in Suriya's cap

It is raw, intense, and filled with gripping courtroom scenes. Though it takes some time to get into the main story and has no commercial aspects, the film has enough drama that will hold your attention until the end. A serious film that makes a perfect OTT watch.(more)

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Raw, Real and Brutal

Gnanavel gives us some terrific moments of defiance. Lijomol Jose is quietly powerful as Sengani, who gets a couple of rousing scenes when she turns down efforts at a compromise from cops. Manikandan, too, is effective and stands out in the scene when he urges his men to not give in as that will result in their community being branded as criminals. The director also portrays the intimacy between Sengani and Rajakannu in a charming manner. (more)

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Jai Bhim is an intense courtroom drama with solid writing, good performances and splendid casting. Must-watch!!

Jai Bhim is a film that's as powerful as it's title. It's an honest portrayal of the Irular tribe and the issues they face without stripping them of their self-respect and dignity. In addition to false cases, making a point for issuing lands to such tribes is a message that must be welcomed. Overall, the film entertains and engages you and ends up as one of the best films in recent times. (more)

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Pain of the downtrodden, voice of the voiceless.

Rather than being a mere courtroom drama, Jai Bhim is a much-needed film from the past that will be relevant in the years to come, with new hope and a new beginning.(more)

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Suriya Is In Formidable Form In Riveting Film

Of late, there has been a spate of Tamil films that have probed the linkages between police highhandedness and caste violence. To that extent, Jai Bhim treads familiar ground. What sets it apart somewhat from the likes of Visaranai, Pariyerum Perumal Asuran and Karnan is the setting. It moves beyond the village and the police station (both key locations of the film) and opts for the courtroom as the principal arena for a battle of attrition between a steadfast legal campaigner and the unrelenting might of the state. (more)

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Suriya's courtroom drama is disturbing, well-enacted

Jai Bhim is a disturbing film, raising many questions about the checks and balances in place in law enforcement and the justice system. Perhaps something to think about before the public cheers encounter killings as police bravery the next time it happens. (more)

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A star argues for justice in this well-intentioned courtroom drama

There's an enjoyable dichotomy about how this film that is about unspeakable torture, is also at once about hope. Jai Bhim also serves as an example of how workers could unite to make the world a better place. Perhaps that explains all the hammer-and-sickle imagery in this film, given that it's two workers, a lawyer (Chandru) and a policeman (Prakash Raj�s Perumal Saamy), who join hands to bring about unlikely justice. The true story that this film is based on, instills the hope that for every mass of unconscientious people, perhaps, just perhaps, there may exist one conscientious Chandru.(more)

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A must-watch courtroom drama

Director Gnanavel has authentically captured the lifestyle of the tribal people, their innocence, and honesty throughout the film. Though all the characters in the film are black and white, the film is not over the top as they have adapted a real incident. The police brutality in the film is not for the faint-hearted, especially those who cannot digest films like Visaaranai. The film also stands tall in properly registering the case proceedings in the High Court, probably the first in Tamil cinema? (more)

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An impeccable cinematic achievement

The strongest point of Jai Bhim is that it is not backed by just one aspect but it wins as a whole film with perfect contribution from every department. Kudos to the director for intensive research work and flawless writing. The movie boldly talks the much-needed message, exposes gut-wrenching realities and leaves us with a gruesome experience in the likes of Vetrimaaran's 'Visaaranai'. (more)

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Suriya powerfully anchors this hard-hitting and engaging courtroom drama! A Must Watch!

The film manages to raise the right kind of questions, bringing to light several harsh realities that existed and still exist. The film starts off on an impactful note and from thereon we are transported into the world of Jai Bhim and there is no looking back. The tension that is usually expected in a courtroom drama prevails in Jai Bhim and that keeps the audience engrossed for the major part. We might draw quite a few similarities with Visaranai and if that film had left an impact on you, there are high chances that Jai Bhim would also. The film effectively showcases caste discrimination, the plight of the oppressed, and the abuse of power(more)

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Suriya's hard-hitting tale about caste injustice and police brutality is a must-watch

Director Tha Se Gnanavel deserves a standing ovation for Jai Bhim. Considering the present situation in India, Jai Bhim comes as a hard-hitting tale not just about the Irular community but also about every marginalised community across India. Without glorifying unnecessary elements, Gnanavel has dealt with this script with utmost sensibility. (more)

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Suriya leads a decisively realistic courtroom drama that reflects contradictions Ambedkar spoke of

Jai Bhim documents an important story of justice. It speaks of the apathy and discrimination that we have normalised as a society. It is also an example that star vehicles can aspire to be more than campy masala films. In the final few minutes of the film, Chandru passionately states that the verdict in Sengeni's case is not a mere judgement but hope for a neglected community. (more)

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