Naai Sekar Returns (U)
09/Dec/2022 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 24mins

Naai Sekar Returns

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Poor Show!

A Forgettable Comeback(more)

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Not the best return for Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu

Vadivelu is always a delight to watch on the big screen, but even he can do only so much when faced with such weak writing. Anand Raj�s one-liners work and that�s the only saviour of the film. His combination scenes with Vadivelu are fun and something to watch out for. Shivani Narayanan plays Max�s sister and has done justice to the role and delivered what�s expected out of her character. But if the writing had been better, it would have added some sense to the script. Sivaangi appears only for a short duration of time and there�s no room for her to perform. Redin Kingsley could concentrate on his comic timing instead of just repeating his antics of merely being loud.(more)

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Vadivelu comedy is a bland and joyless affair

A sense of dullness prevails in all the scenes despite the zany and vibrant production designs. On top of that, characters just enter and leave the screenplay with not an iota of purpose or justification. It was indeed amusing that Suraj decides to do away with songs in such a lazy film. In other films, it would have been lauded as a bold decision, but ironically Santhosh Narayanan�s background score is the only saving grace of the film. I wish Suraj had included them in the film. That way we would have been spared a few minutes of his insipid scenes.(more)

Source: Kirubhakar Purushothaman , Indian Express


For what joy, Vadivelu?

The movie pays a hat-tip to the various comedy clips of Vadivelu that have all become part of our everyday meme game. If only they had played all those clips for two hours instead of Naai Sekar Returns. (more)

Source: Srivatsan, The Hindu