F3: Fun And Frustration (U)
27/May/2022 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 28mins

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F3: Fun and Frustration
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Neither logic nor story encompass in this Venkatesh, Varun Tej comedy

To be fair to the filmmaker, though, he never pretends to make anything different. Logic isn't the priority, and neither is the story.(more)

Source: Sankeertana Varma , Firstpost.com


Venkatesh, Varun Tej film is less fun, more frustration

Anil is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. His attempts at comedy lack both sincerity and originality. He uses every known trick from the handbook of how to make an obnoxious movie. The comedy is irrational, unrealistic, and crude. This film is so loud that it poses a great threat to our...(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar, Indian Express


Comedy steals the show

F3 is a full on masala film with good entertainment packed at regular intervals. Though the story, logic, and emotions go for a toss, the presence of multiple stars and fun generated keeps the audience engaged and makes this film a good family watch this weekend. Just keep your expectations in check...(more)

Source: 123 Telegu, 123telugu.com


Loud, messy, sometimes funny

Films like F3 fall under the category of Rohit Shetty's Golmaal franchise. They're going to be madcap comedies which make no sense, have jokes that toe the line and don't expect you to use your brain. Given that comedy is subjective and if that�s your cup of tea, you might like this one. And if you ...(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati,, Times Of India


'F'arce Comedy With 'F'un And 'F'ashion

Though the comedy should be enjoyed keeping the logic aside, at times the scenes where the characters are not hurt in spite of digging the knives into bellies are something over the board. The unbelievable aspect in such scenes puts down the entertainment factor. (more)

Source: Greatandhra, greatandhra.com


Venkatesh, Varun shine in half-hearted comedy

F3 gets that partly right. And, maybe, with time, Ravipudi will make the juice worth the squeeze. (more)

Source: Karthik, Deccan Herald

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