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Mammootty Is Terrific In What Works More As A Fascinating Character Study Than A Movie!

Puzhu leaves you with mixed feelings. The climax in particular feels rushed and forced. The other characters have very little to do. But the film�s intentions seem to be different. Unlike films that take on casteism head on and films that have a subtle dig at casteism, Puzhu showcases what it is to ...(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Mammootty's electrifying portrait of a bigot's persecution complex eclipses a mishandled climax

Puzhu's flaws cannot be taken lightly, yet the film is stunning for so many reasons, making Ratheena one of the most significant voices to emerge from Indian cinema in recent years. (more)

Source: AnnaMM, Firstpost.com


An in-form Mammootty makes us empathise with a bigot

Puzhu is an ultimate test of one�s moral compass. We follow the story from the perspective of Kuttan, who is an unapologetic bigot. We hear very little from Bharati and Kuttappan. Mammootty delivers a moving performance as a man with a questionable and even condemnable worldview. He makes us see tha...(more)

Source: Manojkumar, Indian Express


Mammootty brings out his most chilling turn in ages

Puzhu manages to terrify with moments both seen and unseen. At least three scenes -- involving an ageing suspect, a dog, and a trophy -- deeply shook me up. And Jakes Bejoy's eerie, violin-heavy score adds to the mounting dread.(more)

Source: satin shrijith, CinemaExpress.com



Parvathy again is that amazing chameleon actor, who physically becomes the person she is playing. It's a small role, but she shows her fine acting skills through her nervousness around her older brother and her comfortable love for her contentious husband. Appuni Sasi is also fantastic in his small ...(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India