Nenjuku Needhi (U/A)
20/May/2022 Action, Drama 2hrs 18mins

Nenjuku Needhi

Critics Review


An Engaging And A Thought-Provoking Drama!

A well-made focused and a fulfilling remake. Hats-off to the team for delivering the sensitive caste discrimination subject in the right senses that is sure to provide a great impact among the Tamil audience.(more)

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Nenjuku Needhi is a must watch that leaves a solid impact!

Udhayanidhi Stalin, Arunraja Kamaraj and their team deliver a top-class film that holds your attention throughout. (more)

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Udhayanidhi's towering presence rules in this solid remake of Anubhav Sinha's Article 15

Unlike Article 15, folded hands here are not a gesture of gratitude from the victim�s family, but one of repentance from Vijayaraghavan (Udhayanidhi Stalin). Snakes play an important role in Nenjukku Needhi. When Vijayaraghavan arrives at his new police station, he discovers his team battling a snake infestation. He later comes to know that it was an attack, but the snakes were harmless. When Sathya is found later, fighting for her life, snakes slither out of the way. They had caused her no harm, the same can�t be said of her fellow human beings. It�s the small moments like these that make Nenjukku Needhi a solid remake.(more)

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A deeply-affecting and powerful film on caste disparities and inequality

While the core plot is not something new, Arunraja Kamaraj's screenplay and the agony that the characters undergo make us root for the film. There is a scene in which Vijayragahvan discusses the caste system and the number of subdivisions within it with his subordinates. Though it makes us laugh, Vijayragahvan's reply to them would resonate with most of the viewers. The writing is so effective as most of the dialogues deserve an applause.(more)

Source: logesh Balachandran, Times Of India