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A Clean Absurd Comedy That Struggles With The Consistency Of Laughs!

Prince isn�t as funny or entertaining as it should have been. But a couple of stretches bring the roof down. It is a clean absurd comedy with an important message at its core. I really wish that a lot more jokes worked but this is a simple film that deserves respect for its intentions.(more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


Sivakarthikeyan and Anudeep�s madcap flick offers sporadic laughs

Sivakarthikeyan is in his prime form as Anbu in Prince. His expressions and one-liners are perfect for the situation. And we can literally see the real Sivakarthikeyan playing to his strength on screen. Sathyaraj, as a veteran, explores comedy to a large extent in this film. Maria did a fair job in her debut performance. The real surprise is Premgi Amaren who played the role of land-grabbing mafia head, Boopathy. The audiences are so used to seeing Premgi Amaren in a fun role and to see him playing a serious (to some extent) was a new experience altogether.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


This comedy falls flat despite quirky premise

There are a few stretches that offer a glimpse at the promise this subject might have presented to the makers. Like a scene involving bottle gourd, a go-for-broke pj-filled scene at a police station and the climax. But in between such moments of inspired silliness is not inanity but dead air.(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India