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Effective making and an intense narration resurrects sub par story

Sundeep, who wouldn't have been an ideal choice for the role of a ferocious gangster, makes it look convincing with his stellar performance. Thanks to the writing that elevates him with the perfect mood. Divyansha Kaushik, who plays Sundeep's love interest, has delivered her best. The cinematography...(more)

Source: Logesh, Times Of India


Sundeep, Vijay Sethupathi shine in technically sound film that�s bogged down by weak storyline

Michael is a gangster flick that�s more style than story for the most part. Having said that, Sundeep Kishan, Vijay Sethupathi and Sam CS are the absolute highlights of this film. (more)

Source: Latha, India Today


Bold, beautiful but falls short of delivering actual thrills

�Michael� is a genre movie trying too hard to look the part and unfortunately, it shows. While it may believe - even sincerely - that it is an homage to the action heroes of the norm; or that it is merely a repurposed vehicle for everything the audience desires to watch in an action movie, it ends u...(more)

Source: Deccon, Deccan Chronicle


All Style, But Little Substance

"Michael" is another example of a film that is more about style than substance. It's a gangster story. Sundeep's makeover, technical prowess, and slick visuals don't add much to the film, which suffers from a lacklustre narration.(more)

Source: Great Andhra, galatta.com


Sundeep Kishan's most ambitious film is a gutsy attempt

Sundeep Kishan is earnest from start to finish and he holds the film together with a very strong performance. He�s strongly complemented by Gautham Menon, who plays a gangster with effortless swagger. It�s a great casting choice and he isn�t your quintessential commercial cinema antagonist. Vijay Se...(more)

Source: Haricharan, Hindustan Times

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