Jo And Jo

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Jo and Jo
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Laidback, stress-busting entertainment

Jo and Jo works even when you separate the jokes. One finds much delight in watching the laidback banter between such naturally gifted actors as Naslen, Mathew and Melvin. Humour also comes from having around an NRI 'parishkari' character (Sagar Surya). These actors don't repeat what they did in Tha...(more)

Source: Sajin Shrijith, Indian Express


Jo and Jo is a relatable comedy that works as a stressbuster popcorn entertainer.

If you have enjoyed the smartness of a comedy like Thanneer Mathan Dinangal, I would say Jo and Jo will be able to satisfy you as a viewer. They were able to give a good structure to a simple conflict in a dysfunctional family. (more)

Source: Ashwin , Lenmenreviews

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