August 16 1947 (U/A)
07/Apr/2023 2hrs 24mins

August 16 1947

Critics Review


A promising subject that deserved better screenwriting!

With a believable set up and an intriguing storyline, the film could have offered so much more. But the drama is disappointing with usual conflicts, weak arcs and payoffs that don't glitter. (more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


High production value makes this worth a watch

Dragging sequences and a convoluted plot prevent the film from being a taut and gripping story but high production values and an intriguing premise make August 16 1947 an engaging watch.(more)

Source: Dhaval Roy, Times Of India


N.S. Ponkumar's intriguing idea gets beheaded by inane execution

Murugadoss� films, even the ones wholly underwhelming, have had some moments of pathos and genuine thrill, even Darbar and Spyder. August 16 1947, I�m afraid, is devoid of tension and thrill. There are close-up shots of brutality inflicted on helpless villagers, very reminiscent of Karan Malhotra�s Shamshera, and this is nothing but manipulative filmmaking. If good ideas made good films, every film would be a masterpiece. August 16 1947 is not.(more)

Source: Vinamra Mathur,