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Thank You
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Sorry, No Thank You

First things first, his guilty feeling about an incident forcing him to visit the people from his past is not convincing at all. In one of the very weakest storytelling by Vikram, Thank You is not appealing in any way. With already low expectations for the film and a disappointing narrative in the f...(more)

Source: Suman, gulte.com


Faulty narration

Thank You is a old school and outdated coming of age drama that fails to showcase any novelty. The pace is slow, scenes are dull and the emotions do not create any impact. The best part of the film is Chay Akkineni�s sincere performance which is the saving grace.(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


A dull note of gratitude

Thank You begins on a promising note and ends up withering away its chances of being a truly moving and poignant journey. This isn�t among the memorable films in Vikram Kumar�s oeuvre.(more)

Source: Sangeetha , The Hindu


No Mention

The long-drawn college episode tests patience. Then comes the climax which is not only ineffective but also superficial. The required emotion doesn�t come out. Except for Naga Chaitanya�s transformation and a couple of moments, the film is a predictable affair. In a nutshell, �Thank You� is a wa...(more)

Source: Greatandhra, greatandhra.com


Familiar tale of a man-child making amends

Thank You doesn�t offer anything fresh in terms of the story or the performances. Watch this one if you don�t mind watching the same old tale of redemption.(more)

Source: Neeshita, Times Of India

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