Coffee With Kaadhal (U/A)
04/Nov/2022 2hrs 27mins

Coffee With Kaadhal

Critics Review



Simple yet funny conflicts that have so much potential to make an enjoyable cinema, but nothing can save this flick which is messy in every aspect. Truly worried that the Sundar.C we all loved is permanently out of form.(more)

Source: MovieCrow, MovieCrow


A misfire about messy relationships

We see how much the film's entertainment quotient improves when he goes back to his trademark comedy of confusions in the pre-interval stretch. Even the actors seem more comfortable in these portions, and even if these moments are a patch on the comedy we have seen in his previous films, we realise how drastically different (read entertaining) the film would have turned into if only had the director taken this route. Maybe he could have played the 'This or that' game that the characters play in times of doubt and decided wisely to embrace his over-the-top style of comedy, he might have served us a Coffee With Kalakalappu instead of this flavourless concoction.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India