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Sure To Satisfy The Action Movie Lovers!

Not the smartest of spy thrillers out there, the quality story demands a more gripping screenplay. Nevertheless the masala is rightly mixed with action and convincing backstories. (more)

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An entertaining globetrotting spy thriller that's massy, messy and outlandish

The film�s highlight however is John Abraham�s solid portrayal of Jim. Be it his Bane like masked entry or stunt sequences, John is outstanding and makes a classic case of the villain overshadowing the hero in portions. Deepika Padukone can kick ass and is perfectly cast but her chemistry with SRK feels lacklustre and underdeveloped. It lacks the spark that John-SRK�s characters share. Dimple Kapadia does a Tenet once again and lends that much needed gravitas and emotional left to the proceedings. You wish other characters exuded the sincerity of her part.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan and Bollywood are back with this patriotic spy thriller

The film comes at a time when Bollywood, and SRK have been under siege. �Pathaan� is that sateek jawaab of this beleaguered pathaan, who manages multiple feats in his come-back after a clutch of medium-bad to terrible films : gives it those ones to the #BoycottBollywood brigade, pulls off the dishy-and-dishevelled look rippling those abs, give us a laugh-out-loud moment ( I won�t ruin it for you, but it involves a line from an early SRK character, also in a YRF film, which would have become eminently meme-worthy if memes were a thing those days) and saves Bharat Mata.(more)

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PATHAAN is a complete entertainer, replete with action, emotions, patriotism, humour, thrill and of course, star power.

Speaking of performances, Shah Rukh Khan is in superb form. The superstar looks quite dashing and performance-wise, he is a treat to watch. With his humour, style and action, he enhances the commercial element of the film many notches higher. And as expected, he also shines in the emotional scenes. Deepika Padukone is at her hottest best and delivers a bravura performance. Her character is crucial to the narrative and she looks quite cool while doing action. John Abraham is an apt choice for the role of the menacing and dashing villain. His screen time is limited in the first half but he makes up for it after the intermission. Salman Khan (Tiger) is outstanding, to say the least. Both his scenes are the most memorable ones in the film. Dimple Kapadia, Ashutosh Rana (Captain Luthra), Manish Wadhwa, Prakash Belawadi (Scientist), Aakash Bhatija (Nandini's junior) and the actor playing the pilot do well.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan Doesn't Miss A Trick In Phenomenally Entertaining Spy Thriller

Pathaan is in fact a far cry from Yash Raj Films' previous spy drama War, which was also directed by Siddharth Anand. Pathaan is neither jingoistic nor does it direct all its ire at one nation. It does open with a Pakistani general plotting a reprisal against India on the day of the revocation of Article 370, but the villain of the film is not a hate-spewing mullah but a venomous RAW agent gone rogue.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan Gifts Every Second Of 4 Saal, 1 Mahina Aur 4 Din Back To His Fans In The Most Entertaining Way He Could!

Pathaan is the perfect comeback material for Shah Rukh Khan as he gifts back his fans each & every second worth of the wait they did for, to be specific � 4 saal, 1 mahina aur 4 din.(more)

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Shah Rukh Khan's comeback film is high on action, low on logic

Pathaan is your true-blue commercial, masala entertainer that's not trying to send across any message or be a social commentary on the current state of affairs in the country. It's fun, non-fussy and fantastic at the same time. Go watch it for Shah Rukh Khan and you would only come back with a smile, and maybe grooving a bit. Don't miss the scene just before end credits for it's not everyday you see two superstars in a banter about their stardom.(more)

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