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A Fun Take On A Relevant Topic That Is Pleasantly Surprising!

Love Today is a lot of fun. The film also pleasantly surprises on how it tackles a very relevant topic of today. Few things could be up for debate but for making a lighthearted film without trivializing the menace of perversion using anonymity, this one is a winner!(more)

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A TikTok-Era M.Rajesh Film With A Few Wild Laughs

With a lot of the energy from the film�s first half missing as it progresses towards a sober climax, we also start missing the audacity with which the earlier portions were treated. In what�s meant to mirror a boy�s coming-of-age story just as it reflects a couple achieving emotional maturity, Love Today could have easily been a cautionary tale about the importance of mutual trust in a relationship. But by settling for instant gratification from its comedy rather than investing in its broader, more meaningful themes, Love Today too settles for the ordinary. It might appear to be a product made by and for GenZ. Sadly, its soul is that of a boomer�s. (more)

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Love Today's humour quotient and Yuvan music will make sure you go back home highly entertained.

The film is technically fantastic and the actors' performances are also highly convincing. Despite a predictable plot, Love Today majorly engages and entertains because of the treatment. It is like your most favourite dish that you always order from a restaurant. You know how it is going to taste, but that is exactly why you order it. Love Today is one such fun film.(more)

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Fun-filled Youthful Entertainer

Love Today� depicts the lifestyle of today�s youth and their dating culture through a lot of fun-filled moments. The film makes a time pass watch and provides paisa vasool entertainment.(more)

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An enjoyable feature-length meme with a moral science lesson

The film may want to be modern at its heart, but there�s a Boomer-ish vibe that seems to be at the core of it. A case in point is the characterizations of Revi and Mammakutty. Though the film pretends to be accepting of the idea of the heroine having other guys as friends, the gaze it has towards such relationships is outdated. It doesn�t see its hero or heroine with the same lens. At the end of the day, he is another �Momma�s boy� and she is �Daddy�s little princess�. I wish the film had just been a long string of comedy sequences, instead of becoming another moral science lesson, just like Comali.(more)

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Love Today is a nice time pass entertainer for the weekend amid its shortcomings.

While some of the comedies were fresh and amusing, several sequences felt like we've seen them already in social media memes, Youtube videos and short films. Also, Love Today relies much on the subplots which in turn feels generic after a certain point. The final act of the movie is nice yet it feels a bit too lengthy.(more)

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