Captain Miller (U/A)
12/Jan/2024 Action, Drama 2hrs 40mins

Captain Miller

Critics Review


Potential For A Solid Action Drama Lost Amidst A Barrage Of Bullets!

Technically sound and great to look at on the big screen right through. The politics the film speaks is important as well. But after a superbly done initial hour, the film slowly and steadily loosens its grip over us, as our emotional investment is lost amidst a barrage of bullets.(more)

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Dhanush is impeccable in Arun Matheswaran's best work yet

'Captain Miller' is a technically sound film. While Arun Matheswaran and Dhanush display their talent to their utmost capacity, composer GV Prakash is in his best form in the film. His thumping background music, especially the �Killer Killer� sequence, makes you root for the character.'Captain Miller' is a brilliant film to welcome 2024 with a bang, and it is a film that gets better with each watch. Watch for the epic climax scene and the union of different forces to fight against the Britishers. It's indeed a Pongal treat for Dhanush fans and all film buffs.(more)

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Dhanush stands tall in this class action film

Arun is known for telling a violent story in his own way. The film is filled with various action set pieces majorly involving gun violence, which may not be everyone�s cup of tea. Akin to Rocky and Saani Kaayidham, Miller is also about an underdog thrown around in the society, who raises like a phoenix, fighting the battle with the powerless. The big moments aren�t big in a conventional sense, but they are big in scale and sense and are mostly painted with blood.(more)

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Dhanush, Arun Matheshwaran bring a well-crafted revolutionary tale

When it comes to performances, Captain Miller is a Dhanush film all the way. The Tamil star�s ability to hold the audience�s attention is well-known and he doesn�t disappoint as Issa aka Captain Miller. The actor has lived the role one must say. Though Shiva Rajkumar�s role may be a cameo, it is a superb one and he makes quite an impact in it. Priyanka Mohan�s role is not a major one and she doesn�t have too much to do but it helps carry the story forward.(more)

Source: Latha Srinivasan, Hindustan Times


Dhanush, Arun Matheswaran impress, portray difference between revolt and revenge in this war film

Every minute of the film threw at me a moment that struck hard. Not to dramatise the effect of the film, but with the current world political climate, and the happenings within the country, Captain Miller is bold.Captain Miller�s progression from a simple young man to a man ridden with guilt and desperation, the cause and effect of his decisions, and its impact on his family, friends and community is a well-rounded story. Similar to Saani Kaayidham and Rocky, the visuals of Captain Miller are sharp, and extremely supporting of the narrative. Equally important to propel the story forward are the songs, each of it speaking of heartbreak, rebellion and revolution.(more)

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Go for this well intentioned period actioner that Dhanush dominates from start to finish.

What works best in 'Captain Miller' is its core theme of how the people who built temples for their deities are denied entry to it, making it highly satisfying when they force their way in thanks to the hero. This is an issue that is still under debate and the film takes the right moral stand about it. A few dialogues (Arun Matheswaran and Madan Karki) hit the nail on the head like Dhanush pointing out that the so called lower castes will be slaves to the upper class even if independence is gained from the British. The reality of the British inhumanity during the "Quit India" movement massacre is captured authentically. Dhanush's ever transforming character is a plus for the narration.(more)

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Dhanush Owns Arun Matheswaran's World Backed By The Trance-Transporting BGM Of G.V. Prakash Kumar!

All said and done, the highlights of Captain Miller are Dhanush�s electric presence coupled with the G.V. Prakash Kumar�s immersive background score & Arun Matheswaran�s vision to create a world never seen before.(more)

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A strong stand against oppression

Eesa is tasked with retrieving the gemstone which is now acquired by the British. His mission is successful. However, for a film that is largely progressive, the climax scene leaves a sour taste. The ending hints at a sequel. Accompanied with stunni.(more)

Source: Praniti, Deccan Herald


Arun Matheswaran's 'Captain Miller' has interesting ideas, but the film remains an emotionally aloof series of cool shots.

My hunch is this. Arun Matheswaran is, at heart, a damn good genre filmmaker, and he is less interested in who his characters are and more into the kinds of mayhem they unleash. A multi-character �biopic� like Captain Miller is not his scene � at least, with a big star. And this is where you realise the limitations of �films made for all audiences� and �films that have to do certain numbers at the box office�. There�s a scene where Analeesan places his rifle under a Brit�s chin and presses the trigger. The older Arun Matheswaran would have cut to the man�s head exploding and given some of us the blood-and-brains shot we crave in such scenarios. But here, we cut to the man�s feet, which receive a small splatter of blood, and we cut quickly away to the next shot. To be sure, there are some interesting touches, like the constant imagery with fire, befitting the hero�s name: Analeesan. But as a story, nothing holds us. We put together the narrative later, in our heads, rather than while watching the film. In Rocky and Saani Kaayitham, the violence made you feel the protagonists� fury at a subatomic level. Here, nothing goes beyond the surface.(more)

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