Natchathiram Nagargiradhu (A)
31/Aug/2022 Love, Drama

Natchathiram Nagargiradhu

Critics Review


Faithful To Its Sensational Content!

Stunning visual storytelling, complicated yet relatable characters, incorporating loads of cheerful conversations, etc make it one of Pa.Ranjith�s best works in his filmography.(more)

Source: Ashwin, MovieCrow


Pa Ranjith lights a spark to defy old ideas of love

Natchathiram is one of the few Tamils films to attempt a progressive representation, so from Ranjith I hope for more. Ultimately, Ranjith leaves you not with a simplistic happily ever after, but something far more essential: a spark of defiance, so that we may remember to keep on resisting(more)

Source: Bharathy Singaravel, The News Minute


Pa Ranjith's most personal, indulgent, and bold work

Pa Ranjith's gloves are off. This is by far his boldest film in terms of both politics and cinematic form(more)

Source: Kirubhakar Purshothaman, Indian Express


Pa Ranjith's Natchathiram Nagargiradhu engage, experiment and entertain for most parts.

Pa. Ranjith, well known for his relatable characters in spite of limited screen time, but few of the characters in this film do not get a proper closure at the end. The narrative tries to address issues of gay community, transgenders, but feels abandoned it halfway. This film indeed adds a new dimension to Tamil cinema also providing hope for the new-gen filmmakers.(more)

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Pa Ranjith's film about casteless, genderless love is his boldest yet

Dushara Vijayan is the pick of the actors. You can see Ranjith in her, and her feisty performance is the perfect reminder of everything that�s brewing inside Ranjith�s head. It is a performance of a lifetime for Dushara, who appears so tough on the outside but is deeply broken on the inside. Kalidas Jayaram and Kalaiarasan get meaty parts and both get their share of limelight to score some brownie points. A scene involving Arjun�s family and their obsession with caste pride has to be one of the boldest and equally funniest scenes in Tamil cinema in recent history.(more)

Source: Haricharan Pudipeddi, Hindustan Times


Perhaps Pa Ranjith's best, despite being too long

Natchathiram�is as much Rene�s story as it is Ranjith�s. Ultimately, it is a film about her arc. She is treated as the conscience keeper, to the point where when Arjun oversteps his boundaries with her, she is willing to give him a chance. �Political correctness will not come in a day�s time,� she says. In this film�s softest scene, you see Rene opening a door that has the Buddha�s mural on it. The light from the door illuminates the frame. Rene asks Arjun to follow her, as if to embrace the Buddha. This is Pa Ranjith�s dhammam.(more)

Source: Srivatsan, The Hindu


Unlike 'Parasakthi', for instance, the dialogue is not folded into a "story". Instead, the story (such as it is) forms around these dialogues.

Does the play go off as planned? If it does, it means art is bigger than society. If it doesn't, it means the struggle will have to continue. How do you end a film on a note that's both realistic and hopeful and fantastical and containing a heart as big as the galaxy? Natchathiram Nagargiradhu pulls it off. Walking out, I wondered why Ranjith didn't send this film to festivals. (Or maybe he did.) Despite the mainstream conventions - the Ilayaraja songs, the romances � this is very much an experimental film. To reiterate the Parasakthi example above, the success of Natchathiram Nagargiradhu is that it is not a story that contains ideas. It's the ideas that make up the story. The film goes beyond categories of "good" or "okay" or "bad". It's always� interesting, and that's what's important. (more)

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