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Iraivan Review

Nothing to praise, nothing to enjoy in this saga this time. (more)

Source: BharathVijayakumar, MovieCrow


A psycho-thriller that could have been better

Iraivan is a well-made psycho thriller with powerful characters, but somehow the motive and the writing get a bit weaker in certain places making it an average watch.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


Jayam Ravi, Nayanthara-starrer is a tiresome mishmash of serial killer films

The film earns its lone star because of the technical crew who have brought some relief to the experience. Yuvan Shankar Raja�s background score plays a pivotal role in preventing the film from becoming a tedious ride. His tracks align with key moments and add some emotional depth. Hari K Vedantam impresses as the cinematographer, with some striking colour palettes in certain scenes. In addition, Manikanda Balaji�s editing work is also commendable.(more)

Source: Anandu Suresh, Indian Express