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If A Feel-Good Moral Story Aimed At Kids Was The Primary Intention, Annapoorani Delivers!

Annapoorani tries to pack in progressive thoughts in a simple (simplistic to be honest), feel good film. It offers a predictable menu, but it manages to be palatable to those who can buy into this simplistic world on screen. If the intention was to make a feel-good moral story and one that is majorl...(more)

Source: BharathVijayakumar, MovieCrow


This feel-good film is agreeably cooked to cater for a broad palate

But the inherent inspirational element in the plot ensures that we stay rooted in our seats and the director ensures that there's something entertaining in the scenes. In fact, the film does give us a high when we see visuals of more women entering classrooms and the kitchens of hotels riding on Ann...(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


Nayanthara's empowerment film is crammed with too many ideas

Right from the beginning, 'Annapoorani' screams pretentiousness. There are several 'easter eggs' in the film, which acts as a metaphor. Sadly, they seem too artificial and inorganic. For example, when Annapoorani's career is at stake, we get a shot of her favourite ladle broken in two. In another sc...(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Food goes hand in hand with politics in this Nayanthara-starrer which falters packaging it

Food is politics, especially so in India. Beef is now more a political weapon in the country and less the humble meat that fed thousands of poor households. Choices such as being vegan comes from a place of privilege and many ignorant people peddle half-baked facts such as the one where India is sup...(more)

Source: Priyanka sundar, Firstpost.com

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Ulagai Vella Pogiraal” Vivek HArini
2 “Life is on (veg)” Vivek D. Harshini Nethra,V.M. Shreenitha,R. Gokul,V. Shivathmika
3 “Ivalo Ivalo” Vivek V. Shivathmika, Punya Selva
4 “Mera Maula” Shyam Renganathan Sandilya Pisapati
5 “Aduppil Pogai Aagum” Vivek Deepthi Suresh
6 “Life is on (Non veg)” Vivek D. Harshini Nethra,V.M. Shreenitha,R. Gokul,V. Shivathmika
7 “Juke Box” Listen