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Mark Antony Review

Mark Antony successfully translates (at least partially) the kind of vibe you got from its trailer onto the big screen. The quirkiness works most of the times and the film keeps it simple. Adhik deserves credit for building a convincing world. I surely would have liked more jokes to work and the decibel level to be several notches lower. But if watching S.J. Suryah go crazy along with a cheering and hooting crowd is what you need, then Mark Antony fits the bill!(more)

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SJ Suryah is the heart and soul of this mindless time-travel film

�Mark Antony� works well because of its (un)intentional comedy. Sometimes, you laugh at the dialogue and sometimes you laugh at the film itself. Either way, you laugh while watching the film and that�s probably the film�s success. Apart from SJ Suryah, it is GV Prakash�s music that takes the cake. The cinematography by Abinandhan Ramanujam needs special mention as the frames are carefully crafted and take us back to the 70s and 80s. That said, �Mark Antony� is a valiant effort and, with certain shortcomings, it still manages to engage the audience and leave them in splits.(more)

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SJ Suryah rules this quirky sci-fi gangster drama

Sans logic, for someone who is merely looking for two-and-a-half hours of non-stop entertainment, Mark Antony might definitely work. Though Adhik's narrative style helps to a certain extent, it's SJ Suryah's eccentric performance that keeps us engaged throughout. For instance, the scene where SJ Suryah's son tries to communicate with him in the future is so much fun, and the audience is in for a treat. Though the plot is nothing different and follows the usual template of a gangster drama, Adhik puts in all his skills in the visual treatment and the effective staging of crucial action sequences.(more)

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SJ Suryah elevates this middling sci-fi film

Mark Antony is entertaining whenever SJ Suryah is on the screen. He is incredible both as Jackie Pandian and as his son Madhan Pandian. The �inter-timensional� telephonic conversation between the father and son is probably the high point of the film. Once Suryah has performed a role, it is pretty hard to ascertain whether the character was written for him or he owned it. His performance is exaggerated, but still, it has soul to it. He is desperate and determined at the same time. Take him out of the film, Mark Antony will lack the little magic it has going for it. The movie could have been as good as SJ Suryah�s performance had Adhik prioritised writing over moments. The brilliance one can see in the fights and editing of Vijay Velukutty is absent in the screenplay, which gets treated as afterthoughts. In a bid to create theatre moments, the director seems to have written the story around them, failing to realise scenes are for the story. Not the other way around. (more)

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Mark Anthony Review

Mark Anthony is a time travel drama that is high on comedy and low on emotions. The standout act by Vishal and S J Suryah is solid but the presentation could have been more arresting. The film ends just a passable fare with some stretched scenes at the end.(more)

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Adhik Ravichandran's 'Mark Antony' mixes serious masala storytelling with goofy humour, and the result is inventive and entertaining.

Mark Antony moves fast enough that you don�t have much time to dwell on what�s not working. Adhik's storytelling (and Vijay Velukutty's editing) is quick, no doubt � it's certainly attuned to today's attention span used to shorts and reels. But it's not that "speed of machine-gun bullets" kind of cutting, and the narrative is always coherent. You always get what is going on. At a time when the only thing that seems to be working big-time at the box office is the �mass� flavour, films like Maanaadu and Mark Antony restore your faith in the masala movie � and they assure us that this very Indian �genre�, if you will, can be refreshed and rebooted with Western concepts like time-loops and time travel. Mark Antony feels both modern and old-fashioned (in a good way). I left the theatre with admiration and happiness.(more)

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