Critics Review


Yenni Thuniga is a harmless one-time watch.

The makers of this film could have tried to bank on the content they had and avoided the unnecessary song placements and drag in establishing the romance between the leads in the first half. This way, the film may have become consistently grippy. A bunch of regular things makes this action thriller a not-so-thrilling outing. (more)

Source: Meera, MovieCrow


An overlong, half-baked action drama

The staging feels amateurish and the director banks on shaky camera and crash zooms to make the scenes seem tense. The acting is TV serial-ish while the action choreography is so laid back that there's hardly any intensity. This goes to the film, too, which is overlong and stuffed with events unfolding on screen that hardly evoke any reaction from us. Only a couple of plot developments make us sit up. One involves the interval twist, which plays with the expectations that non-linear narratives have built in us and another about the mystery of the missing diamonds. But for the rest of the time, the film gets us close to a state of stupor, making us wonder if the title is a fair warning to us, audiences.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India