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Fireworks Guaranteed!

A picture-to-picture remake of the original apart from adding more masala to the climax. Still a fantastic gripping mystery tale narrated superbly, the actors contribute well powered by a bang-on score.(more)

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An action-thriller that plays mind games.

To sum up, Pushkar-Gayathri, the writer-directors of the film, have pretty much stuck to the blue-print they created for the original, including the way they weave in the elements of folklore in it. It�s a plus that they haven�t changed the roadmap too much. But they�ve also not tried revisiting the elements that they had at hand to make the redux better than the original. And yet, this one�s worth a ride to the big screen.(more)

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Story's the biggest star in this smart Hrithik Roshan-Saif Ali Khan thriller

Finally, of course, it is the story which is the biggest star. For a movie full of bristling guns and bloody limbs, �Vikram Vedha� underpins its stylish murder and mayhem with a philosophical question which has no easy answer: is a trigger-happy cop a better man than the criminal who has killed as many men? Who is morally superior? What is right and what is wrong?(more)

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Hrithik Roshan And Saif Ali Khan Deliver Standout Performances

The characters played by Rohit Saraf and Yogita Bihani - Vedha's younger brother and the girl in his life - somehow do not seem to make the impact that Kathir and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar did in the same roles in the 2017 movie. But these are but small blips in a power-packed, compelling action thriller that knows exactly what it is getting at and achieves its ends with aplomb.(more)

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VIKRAM VEDHA is a brilliant massy fare that works.

VIKRAM VEDHA is a brilliant massy fare that works due to the strong writing, unpredictable moments, Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan�s outstanding performances and the electrifying background score. At the box office, it�s sure to have a fantastic weekend due to the positive word of mouth and will successfully run in cinemas till Diwali. The mid-week Dussehra holiday will also aid its first week collections. Recommended!(more)

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Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan & Team Prove Why Bollywood Has Gone Nowhere, You Were Just Diverted By Keyboard Warriors!

Vikram Vedha solidifies Akshay Kumar�s worry of heroes disagreeing to do multi-starrers, because if anything else this is a perfect example of how you can set the screen on fire by bringing 2 stars together.(more)

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Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan shine in this mass entertainer!

A mass entertainer, the film shows some sturdy technical work, especially the pithy camerawork. The lines between right and wrong blur in the film, so the cinematographer P.S. Vinod effectively brings out the essence of Kanpur and Lucknow as he holds the pulse of the leading lines in his frames.(more)

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Hrithik Roshan and his Beard Do Their Best to Distract You from the Flaws of this Remake

Usually in mainstream Hindi cinema, it�s the writing that fails the actors and directors. However, that�s not the problem in Vikram Vedha. The film�s cleverly-constructed plot is good enough to hold an audience�s attention, particularly if they haven�t seen the original. Yet, despite the strength of the script, it feels as though Pushkar-Gayatri�s direction has lost some of its gleam in translation. More worryingly, the cast of the Hindi Vikram Vedha can�t capitalise on a script that is ripe with potential and opportunities. We�ve seen the Tamil cast milk this story for all its dramatic worth. It�s worth wondering why Bollywood�s actors struggle to do the same.(more)

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Hrithik Roshan, Saif Ali Khan's chemistry shines through in this masala action thriller

Vikram Vedha is a stylised, blown-up, and somewhat sanitised remake of a cult classic. It needs to be all those things given its size and scale, and the star power it carries. The remake is choppy with some bits left out from the original, which may have made the film better. But the makers decided to opt for style over substance in some parts. The good thing is that it is not choppy enough to be noticeable or at least, annoying. Vikram Vedha works as both a thriller and a masala action flick. It is enjoyable and even manages a few whistles and claps in a packed hall. (more)

Source: Abhimanyu Mathur, Hindustan Times