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Should be applauded for good intention

The screenplay is confusing and not clear at times what happens when. The dialogues are good at times. It becomes preachy at other times. The movie lacks emotional connect due to inconsistencies in all writing departments.(more)

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Rajinikanth's presence elevates this film that's dignified but overlong

It has to be said that the film would have been way less interesting if Rajinikanth didn't feature in it. His magnetic presence surely elevates Lal Salaam. But, he doesn't have to take the burden of selling the film alone, as the cast is unanimously good, especially a wonderful Vishnu Vishal.(more)

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Rajinikanth rips apart religious politics in an uneven film

'Lal Salaam', as a film, has noble intentions. While the first half of the film is uneven due to forced staging, the messaging comes together in the second half, leaving viewers with a satisfying aftertaste.(more)

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Despite noble themes and Rajinikanth, the film falls short of excellence

Lal Salaam is a winner if films are supposed to be noble message churning machines. But if cinema is considered to be much more than the takeaways and moral of the story, we only have a middling film with a topical and much-needed message for the country.(more)

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Aishwarya Rajinikanth back with a bang

Aishwarya Rajinikanth�s Lal Salaam is a social drama with a message. And the audience will love Rajinikanth as Moideen bhai and hopefully, they�ll take back home and to heart what he says on screen. Humanity above all.(more)

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Aishwarya Rajinikanth's 'Lal Salaam' is an underwhelming, old-fashioned story about Hindu-Muslim unity.

Time and again, I kept thinking about the wince-inducing old-fashioned-ness of the storytelling. Shamsuddin is in the hospital, and his father has to sign consent papers for a surgery. CUT TO: a happier time when Shamsuddin asked his father to sign his cricket bat. We are meant to weep and say something like: �Oh, look at the difference between the happy signature and the sad signature!� The only person who survives somewhat is Rajinikanth. He gets the usual slo-mo fights and usual lines: like, �Paiyan sambaadichaa veettukku perumai / Paiyan saadhichaa naattukke perumai.� Say what? He even makes the usual speeches, about how all blood is one, whether Hindu or Muslim. But the difference, here, is that he is in a full-fledged supporting role. Yes, it is a starry supporting role � but it is nice to see him freed from the burden of carrying a film. This will likely never happen again, so there�s at least one thing that�s unique about Lal Salaam. I have said this before. I will say this again. Good intentions are not enough for a good movie.(more)

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