Pattathu Arasan (U)
25/Nov/2022 Action, Drama 2hrs 17mins

Pattathu Arasan

Critics Review


Outdated Rural Venture!

An insane yet interesting conflict presented with a screenplay that should have been done decades ago and an emotional drama that doesn�t have any tension or rooting factors.(more)

Source: Ashwin, MovieCrow


A predictable rural sports drama that's interesting in bits and pieces

The film is technically sound and there's nothing much to complain about. The technicians stay true to the genre and have done justice to their respective roles behind the camera. Overall, Sarkunam's Pattathu Arasan might work for a few but wish someone would bring inventive ideas into this genre.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


A run-of-the-mill rural sports-family drama

Pattathu Arasan is a film that has very earnest performances from the likes of Atharvaa and Rajkiran. It is a delight to see the scenic lush green betel leaf farms come alive on screen. Ghibran�s music is truly a saving grace for Pattathu Arasan, but the tracks are bogged down by mediocre visuals. Despite the never-ending barrage of rural dramas coming our way, it is a genre that still works because the right film made in this milieu can showcase the rootedness and vibe. Pattathu Arasan is definitely not one such film because instead of aiming for the roots, it settles for the surface and dishes out yet another tale about village rivalry and family sentiments.(more)

Source: Chandini, Indian Express