Vasantha Mullai (U/A)
10/Feb/2023 Thriller, Drama 1hr 48mins

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Vasantha Mullai
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Bobby Simha tries his best to save this mediocre thriller

Bobby Simha is the only saviour of the film and single-handedly steals the show. His romantic sequences with Kashmira work to an extent. Kashmira has screen presence. Though Arya doesn't have much scope to perform, he has delivered his best. The technical aspects of the film, while not great, are co...(more)

Source: Logehs, Times Of India


Vasantha Mullai is a fairly engaging thriller that plays mind games with the audience with a message sprinkled at the end.

Vasantha Mullai is a film that has all the ingredients to cook a delightful meal. But the director's dilemma in finding the right mix of ingredients for a thriller makes it fall short. Nevertheless, there is the initial promise of a debutant director. A little more conviction would have done the ...(more)

Source: Behindwoods,


Bobby Simha and Arya�s thriller is a wasted opportunity

Bobby Simha tries his best to shoulder the film but fails to salvage the mess he was a part of. Kashmira Pardeshi�s performance was apt for her role. Arya, in a short-lived role, spouted sermons on the importance of people getting good sleep. But, the role hardly makes an impact. Vasantha Mullai ...(more)

Source: Janai, India Today


Stuck in a loop of mediocrity

The film ends with an overlong discussion stressing the importance of sleep. Sarath Babu, who plays the doctor, keeps repeating that he has tried everything impossible, but is unable to make Rudhran fall asleep. Having sat awake through this patience-testing thriller, I can say with assurance that h...(more)

Source: Navein,

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2 “Theeratha Rakkalam ” Arivu , Rokesh Arivu, Rajesh Murugesan
3 “ Naan Yaar ” Karthik Netha Rajesh Murugesan
4 “Kondridu Vaazhave ” Hemanth Sivam, Rajesh Murugesan, Simha
5 “Juke Box” Listen