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#Leo first hour is one of the best in recent times. Lokesh is in terrific form. #Vijay is literally killing it with his power packed performance. Hyena fight is gripping. Let's see if @Dir_Lokesh takes the Intensity to the next level. (more)

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Vijay delivers power-packed performance in Lokesh's actioner

While the first half is packed with many theatrical moments, the second half turns more predictable. The final act ends up being a tad bit dramatic as well. The flashback of the Das and Co gang could have been a bit more creative. That said, �Leo� is a near-perfect commercial entertainer, which will make us savour the theatrical moments. Also, Lokesh has packed in several surprises throughout the film. While some were revealed during the filming, others managed to get the audience excited.(more)

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Lokesh rolls out a 'red' carpet to welcome Vijay to LCU

Lokesh has chosen a well-known and age-old and tried and tested �hero in exile� story and has embellished it with creative action-packed sequences. While one can guess where the movie is going within half an hour after entering the theatre, Lokesh shines in his �innovative violence and action sequences�. The hyped Hyena scene fails to leave an impact in the first half, but the blood-thirsty animal comes for a perfect revenge act in the second half.(more)

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Vijay's emotionally weak action overload is held up by some crafty filmmaking

By no means is Leo about peaceful reformation. In fact, it�s quite the opposite. Leo is the assertion that reformation is a well-performed act that is right to be undone as needed. So, it is yet another edition of Lokesh Kanagaraj�s filmography about lawless violent men, who fancy themselves as saviours of the world, fighting other lawless violent men we are conned into thinking of as distinctly more evil. Depending on our inclination, it can be fun for us to watch as this world spins on its head. I am inclined to think otherwise.(more)

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'Thalapathy' Vijay delivers career-best performance in Lokesh Kanagaraj's almost misfire

Anirudh Ravichander�s soundtrack and background score also contribute significantly to the movie�s momentum. Departing from his typical star-worship compositions, Anirudh infuses Leo with exceptional tracks, adding a distinctive touch to the film. In short, while Leo is undoubtedly a feather in Vijay�s cap, it is indeed a step back for writer-director Lokesh Kanagaraj.(more)

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Yes, a DNA test would make this film obsolete, but it's about bloody violence

This is an action film first and foremost, so how were the action sequences? They were definitely not seamless. Take the shot where Leo fights off a large group of people inside the factory. The idea is to give a hawk eye�s view of the entire thing. So the camera is in flight and the scenes are supposed to flow one after another. However, it comes off as fractured, with no point to focus at. The CGI in the film is not up to the mark. Even if we were to give the hyena scene a benefit of the doubt, I cannot forget how thrown off I was at the horse riding scene. The first few shots here just did not work.(more)

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Lokesh Kanagaraj's 'Leo' is a mixed bag: the 'mass' moments work, the dramatic ones don't.

You can't think of many other new-gen filmmakers think up the fine, showy single shot captured by a drone: it's both dizzying and exhilarating. (Manoj Paramahamsa is the cinematographer). But the bigger need of the hour is to punch up the dramatic writing. Maanagaram is proof that Lokesh can do solid drama, so I don't know what's happening in these big-star action movies. They're fun to watch, but they'd be even better if they gave us something to take home, something to remember, something that's more than just a competent Scream Generating Machine..(more)

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The Magnetism Of Vijay Fuels The Film

Leo Review: This is Lokesh Kanagaraj's world and it is lorded over by an indisputable Vijay. (more)

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