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A Satisfying Outing For Its Target Audience!

Writing is basic, but the film is engaging to an extent as Sundar.C packages it with a mix of comedies, emotions and thrills. Also, it�s a step-up for the franchise in terms of technicalities.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Negatives overpower positives in Sundar C's horror-comedy

The film is high on production values and the effort that has gone into art direction is visible on screen. But, how is this of use if you don't have a solid screenplay that could hold your attention throughout? If the horror-comedy is limited to two high moments, that speaks volumes about the screenplay. 'Aranmanai 4' also ends up being unintentionally funny even in serious circumstances, thanks to the poor execution of certain interesting ideas. Performances by Sundar C, Tamannaah and Raashi Khanna are adequate to lift the film.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


A predictable, forgettable and mildly entertaining rehash

Aranmanai 4 does what it intends to do � overwhelming us with kitsch and underwhelming us with its lack of imagination and originality, in utterly predictable, instantly forgettable and mildly entertaining fashion.(more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India


A template Sundar C horror-comedy aimed at the masses

Sundar C�s Aranmanai series is meant for the masses who just want to entertained without too much of logic � they want some jump scares, some funny dialogues and comical exchanges between the cast, some fights, some element of faith, a thumping song and the climax where the evil is vanquished and everyone�s a happy family once again. With four installments now, the director seems to have aced the concept because this is exactly what Aranmanai 4 is all about as well. Aranmanai 4 is timepass and if you go in with no expectations, you will not come out raving about the film but you won�t come out bitterly disappointed either.(more)

Source: Latha Srinivasan, Hindustan Times


Age old formula & redundant plot twists serve this horror film for kids well, adults stay away

Aranmanai 4 is exactly as it seems on the surface. A silly horror movie made purely to attract young kids with its so-called humour, and as a result, successfully hooks in the family audience. If you can gloss past the glaring issue of pace in the first half, and an overall insipid plot just in favour of juvenile humour, then this film is definitely for you.(more)

Source: Priyanka sundar,