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Mystery Thriller With A Mesmerizing Story Value!

What seemed like a regular revenge horror thriller becomes unique after the actual story is revealed. Has a few bumps, overall an engaging flick with good enough cinematic elements.(more)

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A gripping horror film

Sai Dharam Tej gets a role that requires him to be laidback for the most part and he pulls it off well, even when he's thrown bang in the middle of something big. Samyuktha gets a character that gives her the scope to perform and she does it well. Actors like Sai Chand, Brahmaji, Ajay, Rajeev Kanakala and Syamala pull off their roles quite effectively and while Sunil does the same, his character seem inconsistent and unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. There�s a thin line between promoting superstition and narrating a story of people drowning in superstition. There might be moments in Virupaksha that�ll make you question if the makers are toeing that line. But for most of the film you�re engrossed enough to give in to the vision � and that�s a win.(more)

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Horror Set In New Ambiance

Virupaksha" is a mystic thriller that stays true to its genre, and the narration captures our attention for the most part. Despite some flaws, such as dragged-out scenes at the end and a mediocre romantic score, the film is worth a watch. It is heavily reliant on technical output, which has greatly aided the film.(more)

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Sai Dharam Tej-starrer supernatural thriller delivers

The film perfectly creates the ambience at the very beginning and keeps on adding layers as the story progresses. After a shocking interval, the second half slightly drops in pace as the various pieces of the jigsaw are put together, to finally pick pace in the pre climax sequence. The climax is impressive, though it clearly wants to shock and awe. In fact, that also led to a few people walking out of the theatre but this is an ending that is contrary to popular, established writing patterns.(more)

Source: Raghu Bandi, Indian Express


Captivating mystical thriller

Virupaksha is an engaging mystical thriller that is high on technical values. A good storyline, commendable performances by the actors, pulse-pounding sound effects, and neat direction are its trump cards. Barring the slightly slow second half, this movie very much deserves a theatrical experience for its incredible technical values. Recommended.(more)

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