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This Major Tussle Over A Minor Issue, Is A Worthy Outing!

Bottomline This battle of egos makes for some compelling viewing and is aided by good performances. The seamlessness and believability of the initial half is compromised to create tension in the later half. But definitely a worthy outing.(more)

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Harish Kalyan, MS Bhaskar are egoistic men in this engaging film

Parking puts forth pertinent questions about men and their egos. It's yet another win for Tamil cinema to aptly capture realism.(more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Harish Kalyan and MS Bhaskar excel in a tensely staged drama on an everyday issue

The rock-solid performances of the cast adds not only realism but also an the edge to this tale. Playing a character who we might come across when we step out of our homes, MS Bhaskar is just outstanding, displaying a range of dark emotions - indignation, envy, misplaced righteousness, anger, and cold-bloodedness. There are moments when a glance sends a chill down our spine. On the other end, Harish Kalyan manages to match up to this, capturing the hot-headedness of Eshwar, his hurt and his shame. Indhuja and Rama, who play the wives, and Prathana Nathan, as MS Bhaskar's daughter, who is put in an extreme moral quandary by her father, are equally effective.(more)

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An intriguing and relatable take on male ego

Parking is a bold film that revealed its core story and important moments in its promotional trailer. Despite clearly knowing the order of core events in the tale, we are hooked on to the screen thanks to the superior command director Ramkumar has over his craft. Even when the final act and climax of Parking don�t catch us off-guard, we aren�t complaining about it entirely as a part of us wanted to see this ending. On the whole, this debut of Ramkumar gets comfortably parked in our minds as one of the memorable films of this year.(more)

Source: Neiven Darshan, The New Indian Express