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A Joyful Crowd Pleasing Comedy Cracker!

There are a few places where the jokes land flatly, but the humour works big time in most places. Has a familiar game hour yet packed with a lot of fun elements.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A well-staged, hilarious comic caper where the laughs don't run out

Expect for the first few minutes, the film is undoubtedly a fun ride for movie lovers looking for a clean entertainer for the weekend.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


A restrained Santhanam and a hilarious third act save this template horror comedy

t: Special Arrangement Horror comedies have, ironically, become a dying breed in Tamil cinema. Given the atrocious content we were given ever since successful films in the genre like Yaamirukka Bayamey(2014) and Darling (2015) made the genre a mainstay, it�s not something the audience would dearly miss either. But certain franchises, like Kanchana and Aranmanai, have held on to them dearly; despite their limitations, they�ve worked among the masses. Another contender in that list has to be Dhilluku Dhuddu, which is inarguably the funniest franchise in the genre. The latest film, DD Returns, is yet another decent addition to it. DD Returns Director: S Prem Anand Cast: Santhanam, Surbhi, Masoom Sankar, Pradeep Rawat, Maran, Kingsley, FEFSI Vijayan, Rajendran, Munishkanth Storyline: A gang of folks are stuck in a haunted mansion and the only way out is to win a game with the ghosts haunting the place ALSO READ �LGM� movie review: Like a MS Dhoni innings without any sixes or boundaries For starters, it�s unclear if the new film is actually a part of the franchise, considering the film is neither titled Dhilluku Dhuddu 3 nor made by director Rambhala who made the first two entries. In fact, the �DD� in the title is the abbreviation of �Dare Demons� that�s inconspicuously added to it. Nevertheless, it follows the same old trope of Santhanam and co getting stuck in a haunted bungalow and they�ll have to escape it unscathed. But unlike the previous two films where the ghosts exist just to terrorise the inhabitants of the building, in DD Returns, they�re given a purpose of sorts. In DD Returns, we are introduced to a plethora of characters, each with a name card akin to those from Vikram. Even for a franchise that has a lot of secondary characters, the latest film feels like overkill. Despite their character names not registering, actors like Maran, Kingsley, Rajendran, Thangadurai and Munishkanth act exactly the way you�d expect them to. Even FEFSI Vijayan, whose portions from the director and actor�s previous collaboration, Inimey Ippadithan, scores big with his delivery. This kind of self-awareness is DD Returns� biggest strength. So much so that the theatre erupted when Sathish (Santhanam) goes meta and says to another character that he tried his best to refrain from indulging in body-shaming humour... but can�t help it. The first two iterations did a better job with what transpires before they get to the haunted mansion; except for a few chuckles, the first half of DD Returns is a tiresome watch and it�s only when they land up in the house when the film shifts gears. Director S Prem Anand turns this property into a world of its own with set rules, punishments and rewards, as the mansion is haunted by a family who hosts a gaming session with its inhabitants. The premise makes way for a barrage of jokes that are slapstick in nature. Lollu Sabha excelled at using the limited set of properties they had, and all that practise comes handly here given that the filmmaker and most of the cast used to be a part of the legendary comedy show. Right from a humble piece of clothing to a maze within the bungalow, all of them are turned into props for jokes that predominately work.(more)



A terrific third act and side-splitting self-awareness keep this Santhanam franchise's flag flying high

It is not easy for a comedian to make a transition to a hero in Tamil cinema, especially if the said comedian has been regaling us for years together. It hasn�t been a bed of roses for Santhanam, who is trying hard to break out of the clutter. Unlike, say Suraj Venjaramoodu in Malayalam cinema, Santhanam isn�t always backed by strong scripts that will make him a success in the serious realm of cinema. But Santhanam has found a way to move forward in his career. Every time he does a Gulu Gulu, he keeps a Parris Jayaraj behind him. Every time he does an Agent Kannayiram, he has a Dhillukku Dhuddu-type film ready to hit the screens. This allows his �market� to stay afloat whenever one of his �experiments� fail. Seeing him effortlessly orchestrate a DD-type film is a reminder that he is aware of his strengths, and yet he wants to do the Gulu Gulus and Agent Kannayirams. Santhanam is a rare breed of hero in Tamil cinema, and it is only a matter of time before he finds takers for his experiments. But till then, we will always have DD. (more)

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