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DD Returns
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A Joyful Crowd Pleasing Comedy Cracker!

There are a few places where the jokes land flatly, but the humour works big time in most places. Has a familiar game hour yet packed with a lot of fun elements.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A well-staged, hilarious comic caper where the laughs don't run out

Expect for the first few minutes, the film is undoubtedly a fun ride for movie lovers looking for a clean entertainer for the weekend.(more)

Source: Logesh Balachandran, Times Of India


A restrained Santhanam and a hilarious third act save this template horror comedy

t: Special Arrangement Horror comedies have, ironically, become a dying breed in Tamil cinema. Given the atrocious content we were given ever since successful films in the genre like Yaamirukka Bayamey(2014) and Darling (2015) made the genre a mainstay, it�s not something the audience would dearl...(more)



A terrific third act and side-splitting self-awareness keep this Santhanam franchise's flag flying high

It is not easy for a comedian to make a transition to a hero in Tamil cinema, especially if the said comedian has been regaling us for years together. It hasn�t been a bed of roses for Santhanam, who is trying hard to break out of the clutter. Unlike, say Suraj Venjaramoodu in Malayalam cinema, Sant...(more)

Source: Avinesh , CinemaExpress.com

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