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A Distinctive Rural Subject With Engaging Screenwriting!

Engrossing till interval, the smart narrative in the first half is neatly executed and the freshness in the subject adds to it. There are lags and other stuff that make the final hour settle to be a regular one, but the issues don�t bother much.(more)

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Strong performances elevate this familiar story

n a way, all three - Soori, Sasikumar and Unni Mukundan have equal screen time. Sasikumar plays with his usual flair and does a neat job. Unni Mukundan has given an earnest performance. However, it�s Soori who elevates the film. His journey from a loyal servant to a man fighting for what is right provides the emotional core. He has given an amazing performance, and continuous his good streak of serious roles since Vidhuthalai. Vadivukkarasi�s brief appearance is memorable, and Shivada Nair makes the most of her limited time. Yuvan Shankar Raja�s backgrounds are good. There are hardly any songs - perhaps for the better. Arthur Wilson shows the brown, muddy vibes of the brickfield really well. Garuden will appeal to those who like an emotional rural action flick.(more)

Source: Abhinav Subramanian, Times Of India


A gripping tale of Mahabharta's Karnan choosing what's right over loyalty

Soori�s Sokkan is written with such care that all of his dimensions are fleshed out perfectly. The comedy actor, who is rebuilding his career as a hero after Vetrimaaran�s Viduthalai, indulges in humour, but it is devoid of his distinct body language. When the na�ve loyal friend turns into a killing machine, it is not out of place. He is recurrently seen with dogs in the film, an on-the-nose symbolism of his loyalty � but the subtle hint is that the same dog can turn rabid and bite off the hand that feeds. With a few such streaks of brilliant writing and Soori�s restrained performance, Garudan makes us forget all its shortcomings. However, Garudan falls short of becoming an epic like Aadukalam or Vada Chennai because, on top of the lack of finesse in visual storytelling, it doesn�t take risks. It is because Durai Senthilkumar makes films for the masses, and that comes at the cost of a few compromises and conveniences in writing.(more)

Source: Kirubhakar Purushothaman, Indian Express


This hyper-violent, rooted action-drama gets better as it goes

Contained films like Garudan�which may not be flawless, but which still stand for the right ideas�do give me plenty of reason for optimism.(more)

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Soori shines in a tale of brotherhood and betrayal

The storyline is nothing extraordinary but the treatment will make one engrossed. The suspense-inducing BGM and the well-choreographed action sequences make the narrative more gripping. However, one must make a mention of the gory shots that may be uncomfortable for some. (more)

Source: Pranati, Deccan Herald


A fantastic Soori spearheads this tale on friendship, loyalty and deceit

The film has its fair share of issues ranging from painfully convenient twists to unnecessarily gory and violent action scenes. Still, they end up as mere speed-breakers in an otherwise enjoyable joy ride. Add to it an in-form Yuvan Shankar Raja whose scores elevate the mood of the film and Arthur A. Wilson�s well-crafted frames, the technical prowess successfully push the film over the finish line. It would not be a stretch to call Garudan as director Durai�s best work, and leaves you wanting more of this metamorphosis of Parotta Soori to protagonist Soori!(more)



RS Durai Senthilkumar's 'Garudan' has a solid premise, but is let down by utterly convenient screenplay.

Garudan makes use of Soori the comedian plus Soori the newfound serious actor, but even with him, you sense a difference in the way he acts here as compared to Viduthalai and Kottukaali. Put simply, he has good instincts, but he probably still needs a good director to shape those instincts into a cohesive performance. But this is definitely a step in the right direction, because commercial / mainstream cinema needs actors like Soori to become viable stars. And if Garudan can give him that push, it will end up being the best thing about the movie.. Read more at:

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Flies high with solid performances

he story is said to be based on Soori's own father's life that has been adapted to the screen in a fairly engaging manner. Director Durai Senthil Kumar much like all his previous movies has shown flashes of brilliance let down by predictability. The film is presented by Vetrimaaran. Verdict : Go for this rural commercial flick backed by solid performances(more)

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