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A fascinating film with plenty of humorously evocative moments

It's a difficult task to find the right balance between conveying a message and doing it in a humorous, lighthearted manner. The first three storiesHappy Married Life, Golden Rules, and Thakkali Chutney do this perfectly. But Fame Game addresses a serious issue that's impossible to convey in a lighter tone. This is also where the film goes off track.Hot Spot features three stories that are humorously evocative and a fourth one that's deeply disturbing.(more)

Source: Roopa, Times Of India


Addresses taboos adeptly but falters in execution

The overall film experience, however, is a mixed bag. We're left with plenty to think about, but the flaws are undeniable and linger on long after the credits roll. At the beginning of the film, a producer character says, Naalu per namma padatha paathu maranum, and that is precisely what Vignesh Karthick was going for all along. However, the flaws in the film are irksome, and they make you wonder if even filmmakers who mean well sometimes find themselves reiterating patriarchy in some way or another.(more)

Source: Jayabhuvaneshwari B ,