Inga Naan Thaan Kingu (U)
17/May/2024 Comedy, Drama 2hrs 12mins

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Inga Naan Thaan Kingu
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Entertains Occasionally!

Engagement is on and off as the humour partly clicks and partly falters. Given the scope with respect to the cinematic liberties taken and the insane number of comedy artists the team managed to garner, it could have been much more.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Santhanam returns with some solid laughs

The combo of Santhanam, Bala Saravanan, and Thambi Ramaiah enhanced the movie. Rather than stealing the spotlight, Santhanam gives other comedians the space to deliver their jokes. After a considerable time, Munishkanth�s farce as Body Balaraman actually works. There are a few familiar faces like Se...(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India


Chaotic assembly of random ideas and weak humour

Inga Naan Thaan Kingu' suffers from a muddled screenplay with random ideas stitched together with paltry humour. While the supporting characters try to make up for the weak dialogues with physical humour, a visibly uninterested Santhanam pulls down the film even further. As the film throws one gag a...(more)

Source: prASANTH, The New Indian Express

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2 “Kulukku Kulukku” Vignesh Shivan Srinisha Jayaseelan, D. Imman Listen
3 “Maalu Maalu” Muthamil Nakash Aziz, Shweta Mohan, Anthakudi Ilayaraja Listen
4 “Dance Venuma Dance Irruku” Listen