Mr. & Mrs. Mahi (U)
31/May/2024 Sports, Drama 2hrs 19mins

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Mr. & Mrs. Mahi
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Janhvi Kapoor-Rajkummar Rao film struggles as it tries to please everyone

Up until a point, all goes swimmingly. Both start clocking into each other�s rhythm, and he�s quite happy to become her cheerleader. There�s no one better than Rao in playing a regular guy with no special talent, and Kapoor is quite capable of filling up a character (apart from Gunjan Saxena, her 20...(more)

Source: Shubara Gupta, Indian Express


Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor throw a no ball despite a perfect partnership

Mr and Mrs Mahi is a one-time watch for its earnest performances, but the film is devoid of a superlative script or wow moments. It's an ambitious sports film that tries to make a point, but sadly misses the shot. I wish at least in the title, Mrs came before Mr and we could have then celebrated wom...(more)

Source: Monika Rawal Kukreja, Hindustan Times


Moderately Engaging Film That Struggles With Inconsistent Pace

That, in a sense, sums up Mr & Mrs Mahi. The film makes the right noises but not before putting the female protagonist through a grind devised by the men around her. And finally, it is not her dad but her husband's father who has got to be mollified. The girl achieves a great deal but she can be hap...(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies