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Singam Hangover!

If only Hari had removed dozen odd scenes, underlined important scenes, took the necessary time for build-ups and punctuated the transitions, Singam-2 would have been as good as the first part.(more)

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Watch it for Suriya. Screen presence redefined !

Suriya shoulders the film big time. The sincerity and dedication of this artist is something that needs to be lauded. Suriya with his dialogue delivery, eye expressions, body language and live energy has redefined screen presence! What a show! The biggest challenge of doing an action packed mass role is not to over do it, as its a very delicate thin line to cross. Suriya in Singam 2 pulls it off with consummate ease.(more)

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Singam 2 is a typical Hari style movie, which is routine, loud, long and racy.

If you ask to name one biggest mistake of Hari in Singam 2 is his characterisation. The director seems to have employed too many characters and has failed to provide them proper screen presence. Except Surya, all other characters, including heroines and villains, just come and go. But all artists have done justice to the given space. Santhanam and Vivek try to evoke laughter with cliched lines. The presence of all villains put together in Singam 2 is not equal to that of Prakash Raj in its prequel.(more)

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An overdose of everything, yet watch it for Suriya!

The intentions of the director are pretty clear, a mass pot boiling commercial cinema that will surely entertain you, if not for its arguable length. Singam 2 will run to packed house for the dude Suriya and Hari's commercial outburst.(more)

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Singam 2 is pure noise.

Singam 2 works in bits and pieces. It is fast paced with a thoroughly enjoyable first half which slackens in the second half with a predictable climax. Our hero Doraisingam (Suriya) has gone undercover and is working as an NCC officer in a school in Thuthukoodi. He feels something fishy is happening in the seas around the coastal town. (more)

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Singam 2 is a joyful experience.

Predictably, the film has a lot of power-packed action sequences and the story races along with a tremendous pace keeping you engaged throughout. In spite of the number of characters in the film, the screenplay is extremely clear cut, with every role outlined beautifully.(more)

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Singam 2 becomes one of the most successful sequels

Thankfully, Suriya isn't made to roar too much though he does retain the leap and the style of attacking with his paw. What works big time for the movie is the way the director unabashedly goes about framing kickass mass scenes - for example, the way Suriya is forced to don the police uniform or the fight scene in which he single-handedly defends his family from a bunch of killers. (more)

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Singam 2 bigger but not better

Even though Suriya shines in his role, there is hardly any noticeable contribution from the rest of the cast. In fact, most characters hardly have any purpose. One such role is that of the chief minister (CM), played by veteran director K. Vishwanath. Hari directs Singam 2 without a soul. He desperately tries to make the sequel a better film than its prequel, but eventually fails in the process. Devi Sri Prasad's music is passe. The background score misses energy.(more)

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The first roar was far better.

Hari keeps his scenes extremely short, and if this prevents us from forming any sort of lingering attachment with the characters, at least we aren't allowed to dwell on anything long enough to get bored. In Singam, we got to know the people around the hero, and they lent him a human dimension; here, these scenes with others (including the heroine Anushka Shetty) are so perfunctory, they could have been axed and no one would have noticed.(more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu