Kuttram Kadithal (U)
24/Sep/2015 Social,drama 2 Hrs 00 Mins

Kuttram Kadithal

Gowtham Viswanath

  1. Kuttram Kadithal U

    Kuttram Kadithal was a drastically unique Directional. Kudos to the Director who did hefty handling of the total Crew, without giving up his intentions. The next strength is the Characters which absolutely astonishes as to how did he managed to find such a powerful Cast for even the subordinate ones. The Cinematography servers very well on the run. The Editor did his job almost perfectly to keep it engaged. The Writing is where something lacks, causing dissolutions at certain parts with the heaviness of the Content. The Screenplay at those junctions must have been filled tightly as like the remainder. So, the fall in the graph obtruded negativity into this outstanding Flick.
    4 stars for unique Direction, mighty cast and great characterization, The etching Cinematography and supportive Editing and hefty Content   


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