Talvar (U/A)
02/Oct/2015 Crime,drama


Gowtham Viswanath

  1. Talvar U/A

    Talvar became a success with the backup of Rashomon Effect. The strongest of the movie had been the Screenwriting, brought the real facts woven together very justly with the Direction achieving the satisfaction. Justifying Roles by the Cast gives the feel of right mix. The point of Justice and Truth hiding behind Emotions and Time hinders people from extending to the state of balance was very satisfying but not excellently shed light on. The Editing was good and helping so was the Score while the Cinematography was clear and transparent giving the space needed for a mystery and engagement. Finally this Talvar was made sharper as well as safer.
    3.5 stars for the Interesting Screenwriting with engaging Direction and Performances completing the requirement.  


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