Pasanga 2 - Haiku (U)
24/Dec/2015 Children,drama 127 Mins

Pasanga 2 - Haiku

Gowtham Viswanath

  1. Pasanga 2 - Haiku U

    Haiku was a rough rehearse of Taare Zameen Par and more. The halfway into It was not seeming good then, but past it was when the Taare Zameen Par effect came evident and, eventually and surprisingly much more added to it. The simple connections from the first hours were much more resounding, which seemed dull before while watching it. The Film had its demerits regarding the delayed development and patchiness in Writing, uninteresting Performances and careless Direction. A very below-average inspiration of Taare Zameen Par in quality which had something much more and of its own, became almost a decent flick.
    2 stars for not degrading TZP and the healthy social content.   


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