Arun Sundar


    Sarkar Review - Dull second half plays spoilsport
    Our hero Vijay plays a corporate tycoon Sundar Ramaswamy(apparently modelled on Sundar Pitchai). While the first half was quite breezy with message on vote theft and 49 P, an actor's cameo role as lawyer Ram Jethmalani proved as an irritant. The fact that he spoke free flowing Tamil more so the reason. The fight sequence under bridge fitted correctly. Keerthy Suresh as Vijay's love interest gave a measured acting performance.
    Where the film slipped was when the core concept revolved arund a politician named Masilamani. Pazha Karuppiah tried to do justice but could not offer much. Radha Ravi as a politician named Rendu did small variations here and there apart from that nothing much.. AR Rahman great music director but unfortunately the weakest link of the film. Both BGM and songs were in average level. Oru Viral Puratchi powerfully picturised. There were lots of dull moments in second half but Muragadoss compensated with fights and comedy sequences.Overall engaging crusade against political system. But cannot fathom Muragadoss anger only against the current political party.  


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