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  1. Kabali U

    #KABALI - Not for ardent fans! Might work for some neutrals!
    *** NO SPOILERS ***
    The most anticipated movie in India till date. All the terrific promotions, two film old fresh director and the biggest superstar combo, the crew's take on how the movie had been shaped up, all these things enlightened everyone like '" Oh boy I am gonna be in for some real show by our #THALAIVAR " So was the movie worth the expectations?
    It was a No, it doesn't mean that it was an utter crap movie. But it was definitely not up to the storm that it created before release. Well nowadays, directors are more creative in their story lines as well as their promotions. For Example, Karthick Subburaj promoted his movie Jigarthanda as a musical gangster drama but the result was musical gangster movie in the first half and a totally unexpected comedy movie in the second half and the movie worked out so good as at least the first half was like what all expected. Similarly I guess director Paranjith Pa promoted his movie as an action gangster, as the teaser, nerupu da song teaser and the movie stills were like our #Superstar gonna be kicking some bad-ass guys, but the actual movie is more of an emotional gangster drama rather than an action one. Guess this is a major thing for getting mixed reviews !!
    THALAIVAR : Coming to the movie, it starts up so well by the Malaysian government talking about one of the biggest don in the country followed by the MARANA MASS #Thalaivar's intro which was also one of the best intro's of thalaivar . Nerupu da BGM added so much weight. Even the following scenes of intro too were like Nerupu... Movie then slowed down and never raised up till the climax. All you can see was a totally different Rajnikanth which was the exact opposite of what we all expected. When it comes to performance he was so subtle, cool and emotional as how an emotional don would be like. Even at this age, his screen presence and charisma was magical. But he looked really old :( in some of the portions and the energy which we saw till Endhiran has been lost :( :( . Things that remained and will remain forever were his walk,voice and the king's smile :) which was a wow (Esp in intro, Q&A session scene, airport landing etc). Thalaivar is known for his dialogue deliveries and yes he nailed it but in some portions ( "KABALI DA" those teaser sequences and "KOZHI KARI" ) . There were two lengthy dialogues in the movie but I wasn't much impressed with those performance wise.
    MUSIC : Santhosh Narayanan's music is a major plus for the movie and mostly in mass scenes. There were scenes which were silent instead of mass BGM. May be it was the director's note to be silent. Songs didn't spoil the movie but wasn't great.
    Other Actors : Half of the Madras The Movie 's artists are in this one too. Everyone did justice to their roles. Radhika Apte didn't have much frames in the movie, but she traveled along the story right from the beginning. There was one particular scene where she proved her acting. She nailed it and it was an very emotional scene which l liked it so much. Sai Dhanshika was like a supermodel and it was her first action avatar and did a perfect job. Should give credits for Attakathi Dinesh for his unique mannerisms.
    Direction and Screenplay: It was definitely a very tough job for Paranjith Pa to direct such a huge superstar. He tried to succeed but succeeded in showing a character KABALI and not a hero KABALI. The story is apt for Rajni as he cannot play a young hero henceforth, but the screenplay could have been much tighter to keep the audience engaged. It was slow and lacked details in many parts. No one expected to have superhero stunts or unwanted punch dialogues but there could have been more mass scenes included. It would have been terrific for Thalaivar and that too in this getup.
    This movie was definitely not mokkai as some says but definitely not for the hardcore fans who expect superstar's energy and mass but for some hardcore movie lovers and neutrals who wants to see him differently. I am a hardcore fan and movie lover , but when it comes to Thalaivar, the fan me is dominating over the movie lover me and yes I am disappointed.


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