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  1. Mersal U/A

    #Mersal - Nothing new! But a pakka entertainer for fans and family this festival!!
    Atlee Kumar usually takes up one of the old movies, do some cosmetic changes and delivers us in a fresh glossy manner. This time he didn't take up one movie but around 10 movies and delivered as a package for family Audiences and hardcore fans. Not necessary to mention those films here, you can easily related it when you are watching the movie. A stone age story but with an important social issue for the current scenario has been portrayed in a lighter tone. It could have been a little more deep in the movie. Locations and visuals are awesome esp. Aazhaporan Tamizhan is visually stunning. So again it's an one man show here. This movie is nothing without Actor Vijay ! He steals the show with his energy, charisma , fitness and deftness. Intro, title card sequences and interval block is one among his best ever. His performance was excellent and one of the finest of his career as he has multiple roles to carry and he handles with ease.
    Three lady leads, Kajal Aggarwal , Samantha Akkineni and Nithya Menen out of which Nithya's role was meatiest and she has done great in the flashback portion. Vijay and Nithya's chemistry worked out so well. A couple of scenes and songs for the rest two ladies. Sathya Raj, Vadivelu and kovai sarala have minimal portions and decent. This may not be the best performance of S J Suryah but he did justice to the role as a villain. A.R. Rahman's music shines in songs but not in BGM. Stunts were powerful and well refined. Cinematography is top notch by a debut cameraman Vishnu.
    I felt the movie's duration a bit lengthy in the first half love portions and second half flashback portions. It could have been trimmed off for an even better gripping screenplay and content could have been delivered in a stronger tone. Mersal might not give a mersal experience for movie-buffs as its a mix of old wines, but for general audience its definitely a pakka family entertainer for this festival!!  


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