Meyaadha Maan (U/A)
18/Oct/2017 Comedy,drama 2hrs 27mins

Meyaadha Maan

Karthic Sivaswamy

  1. Meyaadha Maan U/A

    Meyatha Maan - Since we have already booked to go Mersal the next day to Deepavali. I haven't booked any movie to watch on Deepavali. But, my Deepavali would be incomplete without a movie, so booked this a few hours before the show-time. But, thank god it wasn't a disappointing at all. Actually, it turned out to be a best decision on my 'Thala' Deepavali
    The movie was totally fresh and entertaining. It has one-side love, friendship and also sister sentiment. The movie is all about the four characters, our hero 'Idayam' Murali, his best friend Vinoth, his one side lover Madhu and his sister Sudar.
    I loved most of the dialogues. I burst out laughing for most of it. And, Vaibhav's Chennai slang also helps. He really fits 'Idayam' Murali perfectly, who owns a local orchestra and the lead singer in it. But, the show stealer for me is Vivek Prasanna, who has done Vinoth's role. He was last seen in Vikram Vedha as Ravi.
    Between the two ladies Indhuja, who's Vaibhav's sister was terrific than the heroine Priya. Priya doesn't have much scenes or I don't remember seeing her much in the first half.
    The most important department in a rom-com is music, so that you don't feel bored. Here, SaNa and Pradeep are in terrific form. I felt the second half was little dragging and reminded me of SMS movie. Also, couldn't find out how exactly Madhu falls for Murali.
    Overall a fantastic debut for Ratna Kumar. Solid writing, brilliant characters and witty dialogues make this a wonderful watch. I don't know how wise to release it with Mersal. I hope people don't miss this as well.  


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