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  1. Mersal U/A

    #Mersal : First thing wish to say about content !! Some people saying n ll say also it looks like some old Film content itseems but to be Frank #Mersal Film plot is entirely different !! It's about full n full of Medical Scam n how respective person's in the field are careless about one person dying life !! And Then revenge connected to villain since he is master of Scam !! .. content is pure Mersal n made it perfect package but lacks bit in lengthy second half then Thalaivaar managed d entire show on his shoulder n with his screen presence n charisma ruled d show !!
    Major highlights n dam guts are talking abt current scenario interview scene with Dr Maran then Vijay & Sathyaraj conversation abt hospital process then jail scene's n finally about GST n how it affected to Medical Scam & govt hospital too with social awareness messages ..  No other Actor ll do this sort of roles except "Thalapathy Vijay" n Atlee given his best too ..
    Song's n BGM  Vera Vera level by A.R.Rahman n Visuals stunned !! "Alaporan Thamizhan" & Mersal arasan songs Ku theatre Erupted !! Samantha & Kajal not big impact & Nithya Semmmaaa role  Vadivelu made laugh here n there but not big portion for him to score !!
    Overall First Half breezy n quick screenplay n colourful song's n Masti interval block !!
    Second half bit drag with lengthy portion but made to watch it with ease of Good Social message !!
    Final Word : One Man who didn't think abt anything !! Carried whole Film in shoulder as per director instructions & Considered abt Social message & want to convey d message through his Film with lot's of true incident dailogues & much guts!!
    Truely high time Family entertainment for this festival mode #Mersal #Mersaldiwali sureshot SuperHit Film'.
    Rating : 3.5/5  


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